Why Japan?
Japan has the second biggest market in the region. It became known globally for its unsurpassed, postwar economic growth, although recently it has been struggling with economic stagnation for a prolonged period. Still, there are a number of attractive features, such as natural beauty and a unique culture, so that Japan remains a place of intense interest in Asia.
What in Japan?
Japan has various business and investment opportunities for expansion, including: real estate; safe, healthy food; clear, natural water; traditional crafts; precision machinery; robots; and so on. For not only business purposes but also personal ones, you will be able to enjoy a number of possibilities for a successful life.
Our Services
Initial Discussion
Acting as your personal Japan Desk, we summarise all the requirements you need for future development.
Marketing Research
We offer marketing research to meet your requirements.
Fasibility Study
We make feasibility study reports for you to prepare your strategic planning.
Vehicle Selection
We offer applicable investment vehicles to meet your business expansion plans.
Management Consultation
We evaluate your vehicle operations and make suggestions.
Operational Support
We make your operation more effective and practical.
Investment Report
We provide periodic reports for strategic planning.